Friday, November 30, 2012

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Oh man so much catching up to do on this little blog...

For months leading up to Halloween I would consistently ask Kash what he wanted to dress up as.  I figured he's at the age where he could have a say (I still held the power to veto any ridiculous requests of course) and it would be fun for him to choose.  Well his answer was always, "I want to be a baseball bat."  Oh brother...I wouldn't have hated this idea so much if he didn't dress up last year as a baseball player.  After being a pumpkin for years and year as a child I now have a Halloween complex and feel the need to have my children dress up as something different each year.  My mom will tell you I wanted to be a pumpkin all those years, I just can't believe that.  Love ya mom ha!

So I figured anything in the sports realm would please my little athlete. Then Juli gave me a tip that USU was having a sale on toddler football uniforms and I was sold.  All that was left was to convince Kash that he wanted to be a football player and not a bat.  He actually loved the idea and loved it even more when his helmet and jersey came in the mail.  Now I had to figure out what little Nix was going to be.  I saw a darling owl costume that I wanted to make him, but I kept thinking of that cute picture on Pinterest with the brother football player holding his little baby football and went with that idea.

Of course the day of our ward trunk or treat Kash all of the sudden hated the idea of dressing up and getting free candy. It seems as if this is going to be a yearly tradition.

And it wouldn't be Halloween if we didn't go to Grandma and Grandpa Turnbow's house to carve pumpkins!  This year Grandma went all out and had a huge party with pumpkin carving, homemade root beer, games, pinata and all the treats you could ever want! :)

Frandsens were in town and Kash enjoyed ever minute with his big cousin Jocelyn!  
Go Aggies! Probably the perfect year to dress up as a USU football player!
Serious face > crying
Kash wouldn't stop freakin' his pants until he found BFF Elliot.  And then this is what they do when they are finally reunited...
Kash was really good at saying trick or treat at each car.  But eventually wanted to stop and have a taste party. 
Once the get ready phase of the night was over and when Kash finally found Elliot I think he had a good time!  And as for Nixon's 1st Halloween he was a champ.  He didn't mind one bit being shoved into his little football costume and pretty much slept during all the festivities. It was great having my mom here again this year for Halloween...I'm starting to really depend her during Halloween so I hope she plans on making it a tradition! :)

Oh and it needs to be mentioned...I won the ward chili cook off.  I mean the fact that we had brought our entire extended family to vote for us has nothing to do with my victory, it's just good chili! haha

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