Wednesday, November 14, 2012

pumpkin fest 2012

Ok so we didn't actually make it to Pumpkin Fest this year.  I know, sad--it is a Turnbow tradition after all.  But it ended up being really cold that day and I wasn't willing to take newborn Nix and 2 year old Kash out in the freezing temps.  So what do you do if you can't go to one of your favorite events of the year? CRY! Have your best friends fly in from Arizona, find a place that sells pumpkins, take a bunch or picture and dream of how great life would be if they lived here to go to events like this all the time.  It was actually by coincidence that Bryan and Juli were able to come during a weekend packed full of Halloween/Fall events, but it turned out perfect to have them here!  It was like a dream come true for Juli and I to be together in the fall, pushing our babies around and going to festivals!

Of course everyone else had fun too!  I was actually a little worried about how Kash would be with Ava since she's a year younger than him but for the most part they got along great!  I think our boy may even have had a little crush on the pretty little Ava.  At one point after Juli got done doing Ava's hair Kash looked at her with a surprised look and said, "You look different! You aren't going anywhere!" haha I guess Kash really likes a girl with a bow in her hair and wanted her all to himself.

Since we couldn't make it to Pumpkin Fest we heard about our local nursery and garden shop having a lot of pumpkins and activities for kids.  So we packed up the kids to check it out. And it didn't disappoint!

baby's 1st pumpkin

The Love Train

LOVE Ava in this picture!  Her first jumpy castle! 

Kash had a lot of fun picking out his own pumpkin this year.  At first he picked the biggest one he could find and then we quickly made the rule that he had to be able to carry it.

We loved sharing this tradition with our besties, and hope they can come back next year! ;)

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