Monday, November 5, 2012


Before Nixon was born I had a major fear that my second baby would be a know the kind that stay up all night crying, that you have to hold 24/7 to make them happy, the kind you can never comfort and that he would probably have something like acid refulx to add to all of the chaos I was sure would exist with my second baby.

Well thank the Heavens above I received the happiest baby I've ever met!!!  I thought Kash was a happy baby but Nixon...I think he takes the cake.  He's had a happy disposition ever since he came to us.  He's content to sit and watch his brother run around, he lets me clean out his nose with the scary blue bulb without making a peep and he has the brightest, happiest smile in the world.  He started smiling so young too, I couldn't believe it.  Here he is at 3 weeks old smiling.  It doesn't fully capture his smiling capabilities (and they've since grown 4 weeks later) but whenever I would pull out the camera I could only get tiny smiles. 

I love how you can see his eyes light up first (please ignore my baby voice, the low lighting and the shower in the background. I think I took this around 5:30am one morning)...

Here's another one of him 3 weeks old smiling it up.  He gets so excited he goes cross eyed! ha
DSC 1316 from Erica Turnbow on Vimeo.

Despite his smile that melts my heart every day isn't sunshine and rainbows.  He's still a newborn that needs a lot of attention.  And some days I try and remember what it's like to cook dinner with two hands or even blog with two hands :)  But let me tell you his willingness to smile at you just for looking at him makes it all worth it.  We love our little smiley baby! 

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our little family said...

so so cute! I'm glad you got a happy baby. I too was scared to death of getting a screamer but luckily Maci is pretty good!