Tuesday, December 4, 2012

a name & a blessing//no.2

Nixon Layne Turnbow blessed on October 28, 2012.

Nixon Layne...where did we get that name????  Well it didn't come easy that's for sure.  Because for the first 20 weeks of my pregnancy I was so sure I was having a girl I honestly didn't put much thought into boy names.  But once we found out we were having a boy I was determined to pick out a name asap.  I like deciding on a name as soon as we both can because I hate referring to my baby bump as "baby" or "it".  I had read the name Nixon on a list of baby names and my friend Juli had also suggested it.  And Blaine and I actually agreed we both liked it, wow never thought that would happen.  So there it was our second boy would be named Nixon.  We predicted older generations would hate the name due to the political association that goes with the it, and we were right.  But per usual we didn't care and still decided to go with the name.  Now all we needed was a middle name.  I like middle names to have meaning, but all of the family names weren't flowing with Nixon and we were stumped up until the last few weeks.  Finally I threw out the idea of Layne--a combination of Wayne (Blaine's dad) and Blaine.  And after some convincing (I don't know why there was any discussion really...I thought we agreed he could name one of our kids Kash and I would name everything else in our lives) Blaine was on board with Layne.  And that's how we came up with Nixon Layne.

Nixon's blessing was perfect.  Blaine did a great job and so did Nix.  He didn't even make a peep when his dad raised him to the sky after the blessing like his name was Simba.

One of my favorite things in the world are baby blessings.  I don't even have to know the baby and I will be moved to tears and overwhelmed by the spirit that is in the room.  So you can imaging how I feel about my own children getting blessed.  It's like a dream come true for me to see my husband stand in front of the congregation as a worthy priesthood holder and bless one of our sweet babies, it was such a special day.  I also love that it's just as important to all of our family and they travel and rearrange their schedules to come and celebrate the newest member of the family.

so blessed to have our entire family attend his blessing! 
family of four
the spread...this wouldn't have happened without my mom!  I'm so grateful for all she did!!!
It was a great day and we are so lucky to have little Nix in our lives!!!

I tried to snap some shots after the party but really this baby was too tired to be bothered.
He wore Kash's blessing outfit but these booties were my favorite new edition to the ensemble. 
beautiful blanket made by Grandma Turnbow


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Brooke Magee said...

LOVE this post! I feel the same way about baby blessings. Can't even imagine the feeling one must feel when it's their own baby!

centauri said...

What a beautiful baby and such a special occasion. Love his eyelashes. So nice to have family around on such a great day. So happy for your little family.
Love and miss you guys.
Mark & Mary