Friday, December 21, 2012

Nixon 3 months

Oh little Nix...

I feel like you have changed so much in the last month.  I think you definitely hit a growth spurt as your clothes get a little tighter and your legs are starting to hang out of your bouncer.  I tried my hardest to stop it but you are officially out of the snuggly newborn stage.  That's ok though with every new stage comes new things I learn to love about you.  Like how you finally have a laugh to go with that cute smile of yours.  Kash and I are often finding new ways to get you to laugh at for everyone!

Unfortunately I have nothing good to report on your nightly sleeping habits.  Our house seems to be plagued with one cold after another and I'm guessing the coughing and breathing problems is why you still feel the need to eat every 3-4 hours at night.  After you got over croup you would do a few nights here and there with 5-6 hour stretches, but we haven't gotten that kinda sleep in what seems like an eternity now. Hopefully this will get better soon...

You've finally let us hear a real cry!  Seriously since you were born you haven't really cried, maybe a little fuss here or there but really you never cried.  I don't know how we got so luck to have two happy babies!  I think now you realize crying is a faster way to get your needs met. :)  But really it's not that often that you cry and if you do it's usually because you want to be rocked to sleep at the end of the day, can't blame you-I cry when I need dad to rock me to sleep too.

You are a drool machine.  I'm hoping this doesn't mean that a tooth is about to pop up anytime soon.  Kash got his first tooth at four months.  That's just too early Nix...babies should not get teeth that early!  Please hold off on this milestone!  And I don't know if it is because you might be teething but you love to chew on your hands only adding to the drool factory.  Sometimes I think you prefer your hands to a pacifier but I'm pushing the pacifier because I think it will be easier to take that thing away from you in a year than cut off your thumbs.

You are so full of life little Nix.  You LOVE to be around people and for people to hold and talk to you.  The other day someone from church said, "Every time I look someone else is holding Nixon!"  You definitely have your own little fan club on Sundays, full of people who think your are the best baby in the world...and really I can't argue with them!

But one of your favorite people (behind me of course) is Kash. You light up whenever your brother is around and love to see him act silly and dance around.  It's as if you wish you were right there by his side dancing and being watch his every move!  I love it.  Kash loves you too. He will randomly come up and give you kisses and he actually asks to hold you now.  Opposed to previously when I would make him hold you and he would say, "I'm done." and just let you roll off his lap and not look back.  He's also very protective of you and always makes sure you are ok when other people hold you.  You have the best big brother in the world and I can't wait for the day when you can run along side of him.

We love you so much Nixon.  You bring so much happiness into our home with your constant smile and happy spirit. We are so lucky to have you in our family!

Mom & Dad

I swear you have better smiles than this.  But whenever I do your monthly pictures you are so enamored with the set up that it's hard to get a genuine smile out of you. 

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