Friday, December 28, 2012


Ugh, I'm still playing catch up...

We had an awesome Thanksgiving this year!!!  Blaine and I both left his parents house feeling full and happy. Joy and her family were in town which always adds to the good times and holiday fun.  Kash loves having Jocelyn and Joelle at grandma's house to play with.  He's always sooo sad to find out they are no longer at grandma's house when he goes over to play.  I love that he has cousins close in age and that he gets to see often!

Nixon had a great first Thanksgiving.  People held him, he slept, flashed some smiles, drank some milk and slept some more.  Sounds perfect to me.

oh man, I guess if I have to live with all boys at least they are handsome!

helping Grandpa with his famous rolls

hahahaha this picture kills me every time!  Grandpa dug a fort for the kids to play in...

some turkeys making some turkeys

sleepy bow tie baby

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