Tuesday, March 5, 2013

christmas 2012

(ahhh i think after this post I'm finally caught up...or as caught up as I'm willing to be)

Sunday Christmas outfits.  Nixon actually had a blowout in his real Christmas outfit but luckily I had a pretty similar outfit I could change him into. 
Christmas this year was awesome.  I think I said it last year, but to watch the magic of Christmas through a child's eyes is truly amazing.  Kash totally got the concept and was very excited to say the least.  Every morning he would come down the stairs asking if Santa had come.  Every toy he saw in the store he would add to his Christmas list.  He loved helping decorate the tree, singing Christmas songs (Jingle Bells is still one of his favorite songs 4 months later) and was beyond excited about seeing Christmas lights throughout the neighborhoods. He was disappointed everytime we would pull into our driveway and didn't see lights on our house :(

Nixon's 1st Christmas was great as well!  Although he was just a few months old he was spoiled by his grandparents and had a good time.

I tried really hard to keep the spirit of Christ in Christmas as well.  It was helpful having my sister-in-law, Rachel, invite me to play Mary for her primary's sharing time.  As I held little Nix all wrapped up in swaddling cloth and retold the story of Christ's birth the Spirit was so strong and I truly felt a love of my Savior and the reason for the Christmas season.  I hope my children felt that as well as we celebrated throughout the month.

It was a great Christmas!

I know our family thinks I'm lame for taking so many pictures and videos but I already look back on these and treasure them so much and this next video is no exception, it actually makes me cry for many reasons.  I love how Kash doesn't know the song until the chorus and then totally gets into it. I love Marilyn playing the piano in the background and little Kieden sitting by her side.  I love that you can see the manger scene in the background.  It so reminds me of Christmases with my Muttie and all she did to make them special.  I know my kids' Christmases won't always be this way and I'm so glad I was able to document this moment in time. 

Nixon really, really loved Christmas. 
this wasn't actually on Christmas, but it was a morning ritual of Kash playing with his Mater ornament and then attempting to put it back on the tree. 
Kash thought the annual Christmas fire was pretty cool.
I love their matching smiles


And if this post wasn't long enough here's our Christmas card from 2012!  Merry Christmas in March! Phew.

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