Saturday, March 2, 2013

nixon 5 months

Nixon turned 5 months on February 7th

Hi Nix!

You have really grown and advanced in the last month.  You rolled after about a week after your 4 month birthday. It was awesome because Kash, Dad and I were all there to witness it and started cheering for you as if you made the game winning shot. When you first started rolling over you would scream and look around like "who did this to me". Now you are getting better at not getting so upset and have started to search for toys to grab while on your tummy.  All of this tummy time as made you really strong and I'm amazed at how long you can push yourself up. You can also scoot yourself all the way around on the floor and somehow wiggle your way a few feet from where I laid you down. Still no rolling from stomach to back, but I'm sure that's right around the corner.

You are like a baby goat and will chew on anything you can get your hands on--burb cloths, blankets, toys, a paper I'm holding in my hand, my hair, etc.  I really have to keep an eye on you, you're a sneaky one!  I saw you actually get mad for the first time this month.  You had somehow got your hands on my wallet and when you started to put it in your mouth I took it away and you made the maddest face and screamed at me.  I know one day your fits will be very annoying/frustrating, but right now the miniature versions of them are quite cute. You are getting really good at finding your pacifier and putting it in your mouth all by yourself.  But if you can't find your pacifier occasionally you are still sucking your thumb.  Verdict is still out if you will be an official thumb sucker or not, but if I have anything to do with it you won't be!

Your sleeping pattern is getting a lot better. You will take a short nap around 9-10am and then by some miracle you take a bigger nap around 1pm (same as Kash) and then another short nap around 5pm.  Nights are getting better as you are sleeping around 6 hrs. before wanting to eat.  But you have a pretty nasty cold right now which has you coughing throughout the night and to your tired parents it feels like you aren't sleeping at all.  I think it's a cold on top of teething, but no sign of a tooth yet.

You are still my little sidekick and still don't like other people to hold you.  And with this sickness it feels like I'm holding you 24/7.  But I can tell you don't feel well so I welcome the extra snuggles.  While you do have a preference to me you have started to get excited when dad comes home from work.  You don't take your eyes off of him and smile at him throughout dinner.

Everywhere we go strangers say, "Oh look at his big blue eyes!"  So I have to add this picture to show how handsome your eyes really are. 
looks like you are taking a selfie
I had to add this one as well because it's hilariously pathetic
You are still obsessed with Kash and no one can make him laugh the way you do! I will try and do the same thing Kash is doing and you give me a courtesy smile and when Kash does it you give him a big belly laugh.  I know you are so anxious to run around and be his little shadow. In the last month Kash has really enjoyed playing with you too.  He's always asking to hold you, he comforts you when you are sad and has started to play with you on his own.  I love that you guys are brothers!

Sorry for the low quality phone video, Kash's Christmas pajamas that are too small for him and his worn out socks...but this video is too awesome not to share.  Blaine was watching the boys while I was at a church meeting.  He went into the other room and when he came back Kash and Nixon were playing ball.  This video makes me so happy. 

You bring me peace and happiness.  I naturally get you and know your needs before you even need to vocalize them. I keep holding on to these baby months because they are about to be gone forever. One day I will wonder how I should best care for you and how to be the best mom to you.  But right now, you make me a confident momma.  I love you so much Nix, more than I ever knew I could!


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