Friday, March 1, 2013

the hunt for a tree that will do

yep, the christmas posts are coming.  christmas in march, deal with it.

The day after (or two days after this year) Thanksgiving we headed up the mountains for our traditional hunt for our "perfect" Christmas tree. One little baby bear and a little cub in tow.  Usually Blaine and I scour the mountains looking for a full, pretty tree to put in our living room.  After having to feed and change Nixon in the car and meeting everyone in the forest later, Kash insisting he be with either Grandma or Tyler and not with our little family and having to carry Nixon around we decided to just find a tree that would do this year. ha

It was still a fun adventure and fun to have little Nix along for the ride this year, we just didn't bring home the best looking tree.  Kash had a lot of fun with his extended family (didn't want anything to do with Blaine or I this trip), enjoyed all of the left over Thanksgiving treats and even got to pet some Christmas horses.

Kash loved all the treats, shocker. (Almost 3 years old)
baby bear taking a break from the elements. (2.5 months old.)

This picture is my favorite!  We had a great idea of taking a picture of Grandma & Grandpa with all the grandkids for their Christmas card.  And here's how that went...
 Eventually these three were left...and as happy as can be!!

 This is the picture that they ended up using for their Christmas card.  MUCH CUTER!!!  Love all those little kids!!!

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