Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day//babies don't keep

Mother's Day is slowly becoming one of my favorite days.  I love the sappy commercials of moms and their kids. I love reflecting on what being a mom means to me.  I love thinking about my own mom and sacrifices she made for me in the name of love.  So I went back and read my Mother's Day posts from the past--when motherhood meant being a mom to just Kash. I seemed so naive to what motherhood really entailed.  I pretty much had a perfect baby, I only had one baby and I really didn't know what other moms were complaining about when they said the "needed a break".  I honestly NEVER wanted a break from Kash.

Life with two children has changed my perspective (insert moms laughing around the world).  Every thing is different now.  For one, I can't give all my attention to the current baby of the house like I did with my first.  I'm at home with them 24/7 with hardly any breaks. Kash is now a typical three year old and not as "perfect" as he once was :).  I'm trying to balance working from home, being a mom of two boys, church, being a wife, etc. more than I ever felt before.  I often feel like one more tantrum, sleepless night, runny nose, asking for a snack every 5 minutes is going to throw me over the edge!!!  I now know how those moms who needed a break feel!  

I often find myself just getting through the day instead of enjoying what the day has to offer me.  I've vowed on this blog before to be a better mom, to slow down and enjoy life and the present but it's so hard to lose site of what's important and get caught up in the day to day craziness of little kids. 

Then my friend sent me this quote:

You see I have this fear of my children growing up.  Lame considering it's inevitable, but true none the less.  I hate the thought of them not wanting to be by my side anymore, not being able to fix all of their problems or them going out into the world all on their own.  This quote was just the reminder I needed to enjoy these moments, these baby and toddler years because they will be gone before I know it...and then I will miss them.  I prayed for these babies with all my heart for years and now I have them, I need to appreciate the gift they are and enjoy the time I have with them.  Even the crazy, pull your hair out moments.

So here I am again wanting to be a better mom.  To have more patience and find the humor and joy in the things these boys of mine do to drive me crazy.  I'm proud to be a mom. I'm proud to be their mom. What a sacred honor.

I love you Kash and Nixon!

This video is a quick one thrown together with crappy low res clips from my phone. Nothing fancy (who has time for that), I just love the song and these clips are our day to day moments that make up our life right now.  I treasure them. 

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