Thursday, May 9, 2013

nixon 7 months

Niiixxx (in my best mom voice),

If we are being honest here, and I try to most days, you've been kind of hard to handle lately.  This last month was not your best.  Between the teething like symptoms (without a tooth in sight) and cold after cold you've worn me out child.  You are still super attached to me, which don't get me wrong is still sweet at times, but can get old when all you want is for me to hold you...while I do the dishes, cook dinner, work, get ready, etc.  You used to be content to play with your toys in your saucer or on the floor but that seems to be a far off memory now.  I'm hoping this will change and once you get over your current cold you'll be back to your happy self.

That being said you still do have your happy moments.  You love burrowing your face into my chest or the floor and popping up to play peek-a-boo.  You still think Kash is the coolest person alive and he is still the only one that will cause you to randomly burst out loud with laughter.

You are a very snuggly baby which makes up for all the fussiness. Anytime I get you out of your crib you give me a big hug that lasts about a minute and then you are ready to face the day.  And sometimes after rolling around on the floor you make your way over to me and rest your head on my lap, it's very sweet.

You rode an airplane for the first time this last month.  I was a little nervous for this trip of just you and I to Arizona to visit some of my friends since you were pretty crazy the week before we left.  But you did awesome on the plane.  You flirted with all of the old ladies and as soon as we were in the air you fell asleep and slept the whole time.  Phew!

You are almost crawling, did I say that last month ha?  Well you are closer this month! :)  You get up on your knees and rock back and forth but then get frustrated and just roll to where you want to get to.  If you see something you want though, you find a way to wiggle your way across the room to get it.

Your favorite "word/phrase" is goy-goy-goy.  Don't know what it means, but it seems to be your happy phrase.  Any time you are happy or excited you say it.  It's cute.

Even though some days are really hard I wouldn't trade you for anything Nixon!  You still are and will always be my sunshine baby.  All it takes is one innocent look from your big blue eyes and I forget all of your craziness.  I love you so much sweet baby!



Karen said...

Such a cute little boy! Sure do love him!!

centauri said...

Such a cute little guy. Hope to get to see you guys this summer. He is growing so fast.
Love Aunt Mary