Sunday, June 16, 2013

the favorite pal in the house

In our house there aren't friends there are pals.  Kash's ranking is that I'm his pal but Dad is his favorite pal.

From the minute Blaine leaves for work till he walks through the door at the end of the day I get to hear, "I miss Dad.  I love Dad.  Can I go to work with Dad?  I wish Dad was here to play with me!!"  There is no doubt that Kash idolizes his dad!  And for good reason, Blaine really is the best dad I know!  Yes, I'm sure all wives think this of their husbands.  But Blaine really is the best dad for our family.

Growing up my dad wasn't around much.  I never had a great example of what a good dad should be.  But I knew that I wanted my kids to know what it was like to have a good dad.  I always knew that Blaine would love and protect our children no matter what, even when we were dating I felt this way.  It was a huge reason I felt like he was the one I should marry.  And now having two kids I can see that my "feelings" were right!

As much as Kash adores Blaine, Blaine equally loves Kash!  Blaine is always the parent that includes Kash in everything he's doing...mowing the lawn, doing the dishes, household projects, etc.  He's always there to play sports and games with Kash.  He has patience and unconditional love for Kash.  He supports him and encourages him to be the best he can be.  I honestly used to be jealous of their relationship.  Blaine has a bond with Kash that I simply will never have.  But  I recently realized my role is just different in Kash's life and I'm soooo grateful that he has an amazing role model like Blaine.

Blaine does have another son, his name is Nixon.  And while Nix is a mama's boy he loves his dad!!!  As soon as Blaine gets home from work Nix starts squealing with excitement that Dad is home.  He won't take his eyes off Blaine for a good five minutes.  And I'm sure as soon as Nixon is old enough to play baseball Dad will be his "favorite pal".


Thank you Blaine for being an amazing dad!  Thank you for being my partner in raising our amazing boys.  I could never, ever do this alone and wouldn't want to.

You are not kind of dad that just "provides" for the family and thinks your job is done.  You are the dad that is involved in every detail of your kids' lives.  You are at the soccer games and swim lessons. You make it home in time to eat with your family despite the piles of work you leave on your desk.  You are the one who tucks Kash in at night and reads the bedtime stories.  You are the kind of dad that plays with your kids every second you are home.  The dad who teaches what bunting and walk off home runs mean. You make my job as a mom a lot easier.
I'm so grateful our boys have you as an honest, hardworking, worthy priesthood holder to look up to.

I love you and so do our boys!

Happy Father's Day

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