Monday, July 15, 2013


I quickly tried to capture this moment.  I thought I was too late but looking through my phone I saw that I captured enough of it to still make me smile. 

It was a Saturday at Costco. People everywhere nudging their way to a free bite of sausage on a pretzel stick.  Kash was yanking on my necklace complaining that he was thirsty. Nixon had fallen asleep in the car and wasn't super excited to be awake. It was hot and I was unfortunately crabby.

Pushing my giant cart through the crowded isles I looked down and witnessed one of my favorite moments as a mother so far. Nixon reached up and put his tiny little hand on Kash's back and leaned his head on his brother's shoulder.  Usually Kash would scream that Nixon was touching him but on this day he embraced him back. I stopped pushing and darn near cried.  I couldn't stop hugging and kissing them both and getting in on the love-fest.  Once I finally resumed my shopping I realized a guy in front of me had been watching the whole thing, I was somewhat embarrassed about my over-gushing-mom-moment. But we exchanged smiles and I could tell he had had his share of  "dad moments" as well.

Being an only child I had big dreams of one day having multiple kids and they would be the best of friends, period.  It never once crossed my mind that this best friendship wouldn't happen immediately. In my dream world 3 year olds aren't jealous, they love babies, always want to share and play with their siblings. It's been a tad bit hard for me to watch Kash not immediately have all of these desires for his brother.

When Nix was born Kash wanted nothing to do with him. Nixon started to sit up and Kash would sometimes talk to him but was mostly annoyed with him still. Then Nixon started to crawl and Kash saw this as an opportunity to boss Nixon around as much as possible, "no, no Mix!!!", "Get out of my room Mix!!", "MOMMM Mixon has my toy!!!"

This isn't to say Kash doesn't love Nixon, he does.  When he's not around he always asks where he is.  If he gets hurt he makes sure he's ok and he's very protective of him when it comes to other people holding or "hurting" his brother.  He just doesn't want to kiss him, talk to him or play with him like I dreamed.  So when I looked down at my cart and saw these brothers sharing an embrace my heart melted.  It was the boost in motherhood that I needed, hope that one day these two WOULD be best friends.

I've really grown to love my boys for their differences.  I always dreamed of a life with little girls and pigtails running around my house.  Now I have two boys who hug it out in Costco and I wouldn't want it any other way.

It's the little things in life.

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