Thursday, July 11, 2013

Nixon 9 months

Full disclosure: this picture was taken pretty late.  Nix was still 9 months when I took it, but barely!  And the blanket is turned the other way and the sun was going down making the lighting not so great...yada yada yada.  We try around here...

Hi little Nixy Bear! (I know, I know, one day you will ask me to stop calling you that but since you can't talk I'll continue to give you cute little nicknames.)

Next to the newborn stage I'm finding this age to be my favorite.  I love how interactive you have become and watching your little personality bloom.  There's no doubt you are an observer, a child who sits back and takes in the world.  But recently you've become a little more curious as you want to see how much toilet paper you can get off the roll or how exactly does your brother turn on his iPod...oh can't figure it out? then in the mouth it goes. My favorite is when we are all sitting in a room playing and you've decided you have had enough and crawl in another room to play by yourself and discover new things on your own.  You still have the sweetest little spirit.  You look at me with your big blue eyes and I can just see the love behind them.  As soon as I walk in the room you can't crawl fast enough into my arms. Morning time is still full of pats and hugs as if you haven't seen me in days.  I love this about you!  I love how sweet and snugly you are.

Your second tooth came in on the bottom this month (very shortly after the first) and it sure makes for a cute smile to have two little chompers poking out.

You are getting really good at pulling yourself up and walking around furniture.  You can climb up the stairs, but haven't mastered the down part yet.  You are getting pretty fast at crawling and I really have to keep an eye on you!

You have started eating a lot more solids and pretty much eat whatever we are eating as well as baby food still.  I think I've even seen you use baby sign language for "more food" this month, but the "more" sign is easily confused with clapping so jury is still out if you are a baby signer yet or just excited to be eating.

You love dancing and music, your brother, bubbles, the bathroom (ugh, so hard to keep you out of there!), the fridge and playing with bowls while I make dinner.

I love you so much Nixon!  I'm so glad you are just the way you are and that Heavenly Father knew better than me and gave me the perfect little boy.  I love you more and more each day, honestly something I didn't know was possible.  I hope you always know how much I love you, even when you are 2 yrs old and we have hard days and I feel like pulling my hair out...I will still love you as much as I do now.


Height: 28.5" (52%)
Weight: 19 lbs. (50%)
Head: 53%
"sooo big"

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