Thursday, August 22, 2013

California Dream Vacation: Disneyland

Nixon is sad he didn't get to wear stripes :(
The second day of our trip was Disneyland day!  The day Kash had been dreaming about for months was finally here and the day I was the most nervous about for many reasons.  I was worried about a whole day of walking in the heat with no naps.  I was worried about Kash being disappointed.  I was worried about not getting to ride on the Radiator Springs ride.  I was worried about everyone getting so stressed out that we wouldn't be able to enjoy "the happiest place on earth".

I read every blogger's opinion about doing Disney with young kids (one still nursing), I polled my expert friend who goes to Disneyland like 10 times a year, I read websites, printed maps and had a game plan of what and where we were going to go first.  I don't even think I planned out where I was going to college as much as I planned out this one day! It may seem overboard but I'm glad I felt as prepared as I could be.

We decided to only do Disneyland for one day.  My mom tried talking me into doing more than one day but with the kids being so young I just didn't think it was worth the money.  If they were older and could really appreciate all that was happening I would definitely purchase the 3 day park hopper pass and stay somewhere near the park.  But we (I hope others felt this way) wanted to experience other things on our trip as well.  Anyway, you can't do Disney in a day but we did it the best we could and I think in the end everyone had a great time.

As soon as we walked into the park we were greeted by the Newsies.  We think Kash's auditions went well, although we are still waiting to hear back from the casting director.  Both Nixon and Kash loved the music and dancing that would spontaneously occur on Main  Street, and who's kidding so did I!  Kash also loved seeing the characters in movies and TV shows that he loves.  My mom even bought him a little autograph book to get their signatures.  Sadly he feel asleep when we ended up seeing the most characters. 

IMG 3220 from Erica Turnbow on Vimeo.

The first thing on the agenda was to run to the fast pass line for the Radiator Springs ride. I ran to the line while the rest of the fam fixed our stroller tire :(  The line was ridiculous!  But it moved very fast and I think I only waited 10 minutes (if that) to get our fast passes.  I was a little disappointed when the pass said our ride time would be at 1pm...the time Kash would normally take a nap and the time we predicted his mood changing drastically.  And as predicted Kash was a little crabby when it came time to ride the RS ride, but once he was in the car he LOVED it!  He cried after we were done because he wanted to go on it again, so Grandma Shell worked some magic and took him back for a second round.

We were taking a lunch break near Cars Land when I saw THE Lightening McQueen drive on the back street.  I grabbed Kash as fast as I could and tried to catch Lightening, but he happens to be the fastest car in the world so we missed him.  But this got everyone excited to finally head into Radiator Springs.  


And there was actually only one really bad moment.  Yes, it occured as I was trying to capture yet ANOTHER family picture at Disneyland.  Kash was tired, Nixon was hungry and the adults were all of the above.  At this point we split up, Nix and I went to nurse and the rest of the fam hit up Toon Town. And can I just say how much I loved the mother's rooms at Disney!!!  These things were fully equipped with ANYTHING you would need to take care of your babies.  They were quiet and peaceful and just the break Nixon and I needed.

We didn't necessarily have plans to watch the parade but Nixon and I took a break on the sidewalk as we waited to meet up with everyone and it just happened to be a prime seat for the parade.  So we sat and had dinner on the curb and I was so glad we didn't miss the parade!

The boys were in awe of the parade!  Kash was dancing and clapping, singing a long as he waved to all his favorite characters.  And Nixon was in awe of all the giant floats, costumes and action!  This was a really fun part of the day and actually a much needed rest.  Plus my parade loving heart was in 7th heaven watching it through my boys' eyes. 

This was the everyone's first time to Adventureland.  I wasn't sure what it would be like other than I knew that Cars was there so we had to go.  It was really cool and had a ton of rides just for Kash's age.  Plus they featured all of the Pixar movies that Kash was familiar with.  But there was something about crossing the street and entering Disneyland.  Memories flooded back from trips of old and I felt like a little kid again.  There were a lot more characters there and all the old rides we all remembered.  When planning I thought maybe we should just do Adventureland, but I'm so glad we did both. 

We let Kash take a nap in the stroller in hopes to revive his spirits, and for the most part this did help.  Once his sleepiness wore off he was sooo happy, running around, laughing and so excited for the next ride and character.  And once it got dark it was awesome to watch everything light up.  Disneyland at night is pretty cool.

 There is probably a lot more I could write about, but it's taken me all summer just to get that much put together so I better leave it at that.

Overall I think everyone had a great time.  It was so awesome to watch through Kash's eyes as he saw characters from his favorite movies and shows come alive on the streets of Disneyland. Some might even say magical.  I'm not when we will be able to make it back, so I'm grateful we went at a time that Disney really is Kash's life and he was beyond excited to meet Goofy, Lightening, Donald, etc.

Thanks again for everything Mom, you made many dreams come true on this trip!!!

Leavin' the park in style...with a churro of course!


Just Julie said...

That photo of Blaine and Kash on the roller coaster is kind of awesome.

blaine said...

Yeah, despite what it looks like, Kash isn't throwing up in my lap...

Karen said...

Oh man- so jealous of your trip! Looks like you guys had so much fun!