Thursday, October 24, 2013

Nixon 10 months


You sure are changing and growing fast every day.  You are perfecting your bear crawl and getting really good at walking around the furniture. I think you'll be walking before we know it!

You still adore your brother, whatever he's doing you are right behind him.  You get so excited to see him in the morning.  And if he's laying on the floor you will crawl over to give him "pats".  He interprets your love pats as hitting and that results in a big ordeal...but none the less I see the love you have for your big brother and I think it's sweet!

You still feel the need to also be my sidekick and have major stranger anxiety, even with family members that you see often.  I'm hoping SOON you grow out of this.  You are such a sweet and funny baby but it seems I'm the only one that gets to see that side of you.

You still aren't sleeping through the night and that is a little hard on me, not gonna lie.  You are really good at going down for bed, maybe one of the easiest babies I've ever put to bed, but you still wake up every 3-4 hrs at night. You aren't the best eater, so maybe you do still need the calories at night.  You are a pretty picky eater and if I serve you something you don't like (which is most of the time) you are quick to make a huge mess by throwing everything off of your tray.

But you are still the sweetest little baby.  Full of hugs, pats and kisses.  I'm cherishing these sweet moments of yours, I know one day you'll make me drop you off 5 blocks away from the mall so you won't have to be seen with me.

Love ya, Nixy.

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