Thursday, November 7, 2013

true friendship knows no age

Elliot, Kash's best friend, has been sick and out of town the past few weeks so we haven't seen much of him.  In the times that Elliot is gone I think to myself, "We can do this!  Kash will be O.K. when Elliot eventually moves away." (Elliot's dad is in his last year of his residency so it's almost inevitable that they will be moving once he's done).

Then the two are reunited again and I forget how much Kash truly loves Elliot.  It's actually amazing how much he values Elliot's opinions, how excited and giddy he is when Elliot is around and how much no one else in the world matters except Elliot.  I've never seen him play with another kids like he does Elliot. It's almost as if you can actually see Kash's face beam a little brighter when his favorite friend is in the room.  I know it seems dramatic but after I saw these two reunited today I couldn't deny that their little toddler friendship was real and true!

Sometimes I think these two little blonde Mormon boys are friends by default.  Since they were about 18 months old they've seen each other at least three times a week (or more some weeks) because of church, preschool, playgroup and date night.  I used to think that they were just friends by circumstance, but today I was reminded that they are truly the best of friends.  They have similar styles of play, humor and learning.

That's not to say that they never fight or disagree, but all real friendship has to be tested right? ;)  Kash does have a hard time realizing that while Elliot is his best friend he can still be friends with other kids too, or at least be nice to them.  And if you start something with Elliot you best believe you will be answering to Kash (not because Elliot gets his's because Kash loves Elliot so much he feels the need to fight his battles.)  Things that we are definitely working on, but it is secretly cute that Kash loves his friend so much.

Their friendship reminds me of the many best friends I've had in the various places I've lived.  That friend that just fits with everything that you are.  The friend who you can be your true self around.  They love all the things you love and make you laugh until you cry when everyone else thinks you two are dorks.  The friend who is selfless and puts your needs in front of their own.  While it was hard moving around so much as a kid I feel beyond lucky to have found a special "best friend" in each place I've lived.  Some I've kept in better contact than others but for the most part I'm lucky to have real friendships that have lasted the test of time and many, many miles.  Friendships that no matter how much time has passed since we were together last it's as if middle school, high school or college was just yesterday and we're able to pick up right where we left off.

I'm glad that Kash has found this at such an early age.  It makes me happy to know that he's capable of such a friendship and of such a deep love for another person.

So, will we be O.K. when the day finally comes for Elliot to move?  Yeah, we'll be alright (after months of therapy I'm sure haha)...but it sure will be heartbreaking to see my little boy say goodbye to his first best friend!

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Chelsea said...

Cross your fingers and keep praying that day won't come right away! There's still a chance!!!! But what a cute post. These boys crack me up.