Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Nixon's 1st Birthday

The minute Nixon was born the nurses were calling him a little man.  His scrunched up face and sideburns, I suppose, resembled an older man vs. a newborn ha.  So it felt like the perfect theme for his 1st birthday. 

These are the invitation I designed:
front of invitation

back of invitation
Since 1st birthday parties are all about showcasing pictures from the first year of your cute little baby's life, I took advantage of inexpensive engineer prints and used my son's pictures for most of the decorations. Engineer prints are a great way to make a huge impact in decorations for very little money.

As always I made or designed everything for this party.  If there's something that you see on here that you would like to use for your own party please email me at eggs.turnbow@gmail.com

Nixon had the best time a one year old can have at a party haha.  He loved ripping into his presents and trying cake for the first time!  We are so blessed to have this baby in our lives.  I remember when we decided to have a second baby both Blaine and I were scared out of our minds!!  And Nix has not been an easy baby.  But he's always the sweetest and snuggliest baby, and I know without a doubt he was meant to be in our family!

Here are some of the pictures from his 1 year old photoshoot.

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