meet the turnbows

We are obviously a little family of four.  This is my blog to document our lives in a more detailed way for our family and friends to stay in touch and so I don't forget my life (no joke I have the worst memory ever)--with a few crafts, home decor and recipes thrown in the mix and the occasional over shared-emotional-I-wish-I-didn't-write-post.

Blaine plays the husband/dad role.  He's self employed and works harder than anyone I know, except for his dad but he's a close second.  We moved to Colorado in 2007 to be near family and so that Blaine could start a business called Lights of the Rockies.  Blaine is hilarious, loves sports and long walks on the beach.

I play the role of wife/mom.  It's not an easy job but if you read throughout this little blog it's one I've dreamt of my whole life and in all seriousness I can say I'm living the dream.  I have a degree in Public Relations, but quit my full time job (benefits and actual pay) as a glorified secretary to stay at home with my babies and haven't looked back.  Since then I've been given a great opportunity to work from home for The Cutest Blog on the Block as a blog designer.

Kash is our first son.  He loves the color red, his grandmas, CARS and random dance parties.

Nixon is the current baby of the family.  He is as happy as they come, loves milk and drooling.