Friday, May 23, 2008

i'm a big girl now!!

I was driving back to work from Auto Zone on my lunch break this Wednesday...when I realized I didn't want to go back to work yet. I didn't have a lunch to eat so I would just be sitting in the break room looking like an idiot for the next 45 min!

For some reason I remembered that someone at work told me that there was a library just a block away. So a little faster than I had gotten out of my car, I hopped back in and tried to recall the directions my coworker had given me weeks ago. To my luck it was just around the block—pretty easy despite the poorly designed parking lot.

I was a little nervous. I don't think I had been in a public library since high school. And the only reason I went to one in high school was because Evan and I were so freaking excited about the new Batavia Library we couldn't stand it. As I'm sure our parents predicted...we only went there once and didn't get with in five feet of any books! haha
So feeling like a second grader on a field trip (minus my 8 year old peers and a teacher) I walked up to the desk and said, "I need a library card!" haha. I felt so ridiculous! But I gave him my new Colorado licenses and in a few minutes I had my very own Denver Public Library Card! WHOOHOO!

Oh I had no idea what book to check out. I hadn’t planned that far ahead when I spontaneously decided to go to the lib! Most people would just look up their favorite author or check out a book their friends had recommended. Well here's a little insight on me. I don't read. I don't like to read. I would rather be shopping, sleeping or watching TV than reading a so-called "good book" (despite the husband's efforts to make me a reader). I decided to look online (I can do online) to see if I could find some book clubs and what books they had been reading. I found a lot that sounded good but they didn't have them at the library I was at. I finally picked a book..."I Know This Much is True" by Wally Lamb. (And no, it's not about babies! I may be ready to have one but I don't think I would go as far as to read a book about one!)

Then the cool part about my library experience was the check out process! We live in such a digital world...all I had to do was scan my card. scan my book. and leave! I loved it!So far the book is pretty good and I can't seem to put it down. Blaine has wondered what has gotten in to his materialistic wife that loves reality TV and wouldn't read a book to save her life (unless it was Harry Potter). I don't really know either. I just want to continue to learn and improve myself.


Bryan + Juli said...

Now that you like to read can we PLEASE start a book club?!

Chana & Fred said...

ha! I love it!
I totally did the exact same thing here in Logan. I got there and had NO idea what to check out so I had to see what other people were reading.
I'm a bit addicted to books though.

If you haven't already read the Twilight series! The movie comes out this fall!

Krista & Eric said...

I totally know how that feeling! i too need to venture out and get a library card.(i've just been borrowing) i need to break down and get something until the 4th book of the Twilight series comes out in aug. PS you should start to read that think Harry Poter is good.

Oh and yes i finally had my sweet little baby...and well finally got around to blogging about him.