Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I can't shake this one

I loved high school. I realized this was not a normal feeling when I went to college and everyone thought I was some kind of freak for loving the four years that everyone else couldn't wait to forget. It's no secret that I was devastated to leave Batavia for college and start a new life. My friends, the basketball games, Marty's barn, taco bell runs, the dances, funovers...it's what I lived for. While my life now is so far from the halls of BHS I'm grateful for the memories. I still get excited when I hear about Batavia or see red and gold or bulldogs...it must be that leftover school spirit that will always be with me.

Someone I went to high school with passed away on Sunday. I'm not trying to be dramatic but this surprisingly upset me. Kevin wasn't my best friend or even a super close friend, but he was someone that I went to school with, hung out with occasionally on the weekends and cheered for him on the basketball court.

From what I know Kevin was rafting here in Colorado and went under the water for 3-4 min. rescued and put on life support and eventually passing away.

I feel kind of weird/dumb blogging about him, but I keep thinking about him and how he died. So many people from BHS have died in the past five years, each death seems to hit a little closer to home. It opens your eyes to how precious life is and how one day our friends or loved ones are with us and the next day they are gone. It makes me realize that I have let a lot of my friendships that meant so much to me fade.

I can't imagine what the Bryant family and his close friends are going through. I don't know what I would do if I lost someone like Lu, Tim, Evan or Karen...I would be absolutely devastated.

So this wasn't anything gracefully written, it wasn't even a tribute to this guy who lost his life so early. I just had a lot of thoughts and wanted to get them out.

My prayers are with Kevin's family.


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