Wednesday, June 11, 2008

i love him

I'm a little stressed out today, and being under the weather doesn't help the cause. We were called to be in charge of registration for Youth Conference (along with the regular callings we have). Well let me just say this is more than a two man job. [And also just let me say I don't know why people think I'm qualified for such callings as Ward Activities Chairman and YC registration person--NEWS FLASH: I'M NOT]. Youth Conference is tomorrow and we are not even close to having all the registration kits ready. I emailed Blaine telling him all that we had to do and how stressed I was about it.

This was his reply:

Blaine Turnbow to me 10:41 AM
What? You’re worried about tonight?! Oh eggs, tonight will be a piece of cake…and fun too! We’ll just be jammin’ to some good tunes putting together some packets! No big deal. Do we still need to make id badges (minus the photos) for all the forms that have been turned in since the fireside?

I couldn't stop smiling when I read this. He turned my frown upside down and made all that we have left to do not so bad. I love going through life (the good, the bad and the annoying) with my Beez!!


Karen said...

AWWW look at how cute my brother can be!! :-)

The Lott Family said...

That's what husbands are calm their wives down. Jake has pretty much perfected this.