Monday, July 21, 2008

thank you card

sorry i've been such a bad little blogger...there's nothing i hate more in my online adventures than people who don't update their blog! i've just been super busy and while my life is busy it's boring and doesn't provide much for me to blog about. but naturally i have been making cards.

here's one of my faves


Bryan + Juli said...

Ok I get the point I let you down with my blog lately... I'll try to be better! Also please note that your little chick is saying gracias and not thank you. Reason# 532 we call you Mex! haha love you and your cute little card!

Madsens said...

i love your card :) Rosie does the hiring for customer service and yes i still work at ICON - thanks for rubbing it in! you can email rosie at and give her the heads up - I will also let her know the next time that i see her...i will also see if they are going to he hiring here in UTS cause it is WAY better here than in customer service.