Friday, October 17, 2008

stay-at-home dog owner

Last night at young women's we had the girls make collage picture frames. So we were thumbing through mags and I kept seeing the cutest little puppies and dogs. Finally after I was getting a little out of control with the ooo's and awww's one of the other leaders said, "Why don't you just get a dog?" I told her that we just had an apartment and Blaine and I both worked all day, so my puppy would be alone for too long. And then I came up with this brilliant idea, I could be a stay-at-home dog owner! Awesome! I'm putting in my two weeks notice today and going to find me one of these.


Dennis &Tara Larson said...

cute puppy! Monster chills at home by himself all day while we are at work. He sleeps all day so he is ready to go run around and play when we get home. I think it would be hard if you got a new born pup but we got monster at 6 months and he seems to be doing just fine. Go get your dog!!

Chana said...

that picture is so cute!! I want a dog way bad too! I think we might just break down and buy a little one in the Spring (that's when the one I want is born). We're getting a teeny tiny Yorkie.

Get a dog!