Monday, January 26, 2009

oh that's it...i'm so writing her a note!!!

I found this hilarious note on Apartment Therapy. While they were trying to come up with ways to deal with awkward roommate situations, I just laughed. This note takes me back to the awesome roommate days of mean notes, people drawing a line on their milk so they could tell if someone drank any, the battle of the thermostat, dealing with annoying boyfriends (none of which were mine of course)...and many more situations.

There were more good times than bad (with most of the roomies), but it is funny to look back at how silly most of the confrontations were. We thought we were soooo mature by leaving a nasty (passive-aggressive) note like:

Please do your dishes on your day. I do not appreciate doing them every night!

Really you love me, are you sure? I admit I was totally the horrible roommate that didn't do my dishes, stole their milk and hated their boyfriends! What I'm an only child and hated going to the grocery store, really it's to be expected!

Luckily most of the girls I lived with while attending Utah State looked past my faults and are still my best friends in the whole wide world.
What are your crazy/funny college roommate stories?


Marques said...

Oh, I've got a lot of roommate stories from one roommate in particular. Luckily, he moved out during my Sophomore year at USU and life got a whole lot better after that.
P.S. You know who this roommate is. :)

erica said...

it was greg huh! hahahaha

Marques said...

No, it wasn't Greg. Greg was the best roommate I had at college.

Saydi said...

Yes-Can't believe we made it through! Which is why we are besties now! If we can make it through that.. then I think we can make it through anything!

Karen said...

haha.. my stories..
DRUNKEDNESS! :) I love my roommates though! Mostly Kasie though!