Friday, October 2, 2009

speaking of olympics

I don't know if you heard but Chicago has a bid in for the 2016 summer olympics!!!

The IOC votes today on where the 2016 olympics will take place. I'm sure all my hometown friends and fam would rather see these games go to another city, but Chicago has my vote purely for selfish reasons! I missed my chance in 2002 to go to the winter games...I don't want to miss another opportunity!!! While summers in Chi-town aren't my fav (hello humidity!!!) and there's already too many people in that city--count me in!

This could be like the 4th of July times 20. I better start planning out my red, white and blue outfits now. Well maybe I'll wait to see if Chicago actually gets the games. :)


blaine said...

I wonder how much tickets to Rio de Janeiro cost?

Bryan + Juli said...

Ha ha, Chicago just got burned!!! So sorry obama but you don't have enough wait to throw around, even with Oprah!!!! I know you wanted it E, but maybe next time.


Lu said...

tooooooo bad, so sad for my love (aka CHICAGO)! it really is the best city!