Wednesday, September 30, 2009

let the countdown begin

Anyone else excited for the winter olympics that are (kinda) just around the corner???

I prefer the summer olympics to the winter olympics, but I will take the olympics in whatever form they come in. And good news is that I'll be on maternity leave during the whole thing! So come February 12th you can find me and baby T cheering on the USA from our comfy little couch.

Only 135 day to go!!!


Karen said...

I didn't realize how soon they were! Thanks for keeping me posted! I love that you and "baby T" will be cheering them on! I will be here in good Ol logan... killing myself with hard classes! Love you girl! see you in 16 days!

Bryan + Juli said...

Ahhhh your love of the Olympics never stops amazing me!!! I'm so glad you finally will have someone who will watch all of them with you... it only took birthing him and it doesn't hurt he can't really say no, but none the less it's amazing! haha Remember when we were moving into the 240E. house the cable wasn't hooked up yet and you would sit and watch Fat neighbor's big screen through his window just so you wouldn't miss the Olympics! Now that's dedication to your country!