Wednesday, November 18, 2009

32 weeks=8 months=8 more weeks

I felt like my last post was a little negative. So what better way to cheer people up than a belly shot and a fetus poem? Who doesn't love that combo?!

I don't want to give the wrong impression that I hate being pregnant. I mean don't get me wrong it's not my favorite thing in the world but it has been an amazing experience overall. To think that I'm trusted enough to carry this little baby and to bring him into this world is just an overwhelmingly awesome feeling!

Watching my belly wiggle and to feel our little boy kick makes up for the restless nights and bruised ribs.

The thought of all the joy and happiness he will bring our family makes up for all the ridiculous pregnancy comments.

Having a little boy and the bond he will have with his dad as they do boy things makes up for all the times I laughed too hard and peed in my pants a little! :) ha ha

The tiny toes, the small hands and the irresistible adorableness that will soon call me mom makes up for the constant stream of snot coming from my nose since becoming pregnant.

I know it will all be worth it!

I can't believe how much I already love him and feel a connection with him. Every time I get something out of the fridge it warms my heart to see the little sonogram of him sucking his thumb! I've waited for a long time to become a mother and I can't believe the time is so near. And to start a family with Blaine makes it even better than I ever dreamed of!


Hillfivesome said...

Enjoy every minute for it is going to fly byu. You look adorable.

Sayward said...

E you look great!! Besides your cute belly you look SO tiny! Not kidding. No wonder people think you are having twins. Cause next to your little bod and legs your belly looks big.Just think though, you'll be having a big healthy baby boy which is awesome! I can't wait to meet the little tyke

EggShel Mom said...

Oh Dolly you look so cute!!! Reading this made me both laugh and it brought tears to my eyes. It was bringing back a lot of great memories of you and feelings of joy that you have brought to me since I became your Mom. I love all three of you more than you could know. 8 more weeks yipeee!!!!
I love you so much!!!

blaine said...

Hey, about time the EggShell left a comment! Good to hear from you EggShell!

Bryan + Juli said...

Awww I just loved every second of reading this post!!! You are absolutely beautiful and glowing! (Freak that hair of yours looks so shiny and awesome those prego hormones have turned you into a living Pantene commercial!) I especially loved the peed a little comment it made me laugh so hard I almost peed a little! Anywho we love you guys and can hardly wait to meet your little man!

Di said...

I love that post. Your belly is super cute. Being pregnant is pretty rough and it's so easy to feel down. Anyway...your post really cheered me up. Thanks!

Dennis &Tara Larson said...

Erica, you look amazing!!! You are the cutest pregnant woman I have ever seen! You are going to make be a great mom, hands down :)

Karen said...

You are SO cute!!!!! I am so excited for you to be a mom! You're gonna be a great mom! :) Can;t wait to see you guys and can't wait to meet baby T.

Sarah said...

You are so cute, Erica :) I hope everything goes well with the rest of your pregnancy!