Tuesday, May 25, 2010

4 months

(look at those thighs!!!)

Last week you turned four months old.  You have grown so much in the past four months.  You are getting so big, and I don't mean just your size (but we will address that) you are just developing and changing so quickly.  You can grab anything you want now.  It might take a little concentration and effort, but if you want it you will make your chubby little hands work to get it!  And once you get your hands on it it goes straight for your mouth.  You are getting really strong too.  You can hold your head up really well and you love to stand up.  Any time you stand you up you look around like you are so big and cool...it's pretty cute.

Of course you are smiling, that hasn't changed...but you are on the verge of laughing.  Just yesterday I  walked into a room with you and you saw your dad and you couldn't stop smiling and "talking" and almost laughing.  It's adorable how much you love him.  One of my favorite (and least favorite) parts of the day is when your dad straps you in the car seat to take you to grandma's house.  You just look up at him with your big eyes and smile.  I can't wait for the day when you two can play catch, go golfing and enjoy sports together.  I'm sure you can't either since I'm betting you are sick of all the shopping your stuck doing with me!

It took awhile to get over that cold you had, and really messed up your routine and your happy disposition.  But I think we are finally over that mess because this week you are back to your happy self, now I'm just hoping we can get you back to sleeping through the night!  We started you on baby cereal yesterday though so we are crossing our fingers that that will help.  You weren't sure about at first but after the first spoonful you were begging for more.

Now on to your stats.  Oh man Kash, you are 21 lbs this month!!!  The average weight for a one year old is 22 lbs. At your check-up your doctor said, "Well he's above the 97th percentile for weight." I just had to ask, "Well what percentile does that make him then?" Doc-"100th. Yes, if there were a 100 babies in the room he would be the biggest!"  I seriously don't know where you came from but we love all 21 pounds of you!

You are such a sweet boy and such a blessing in our life!  You have the biggest sweetest eyes and a winning smile to go with it.  Sure, you have your crabster moments (usually when you are sick or after your shots) but over all you are a really good baby that we love so much.  It's so fun to watch you grow and develop.  With each milestone your dad and I are so proud of you already.  Keep it up boy!

Mom & Dad


Bryan + Juli said...

Oh I look forward to these posts every month and love that each month his smile gets bigger and bigger! haha Can't wait to meet him TOMORROW!!! :)

Karen said...

I also look forward to these posts! They are my favorite! He is getting to be more handsome as the days go by. I love that little man! You guys are doing such a great job in raising him. He truly is one lucky little guy to have you as his parents! JULI and Bryan.. Enjoy! He is the cutest baby ever!