Tuesday, October 26, 2010

grandpa jolley

On our way up to Logan we made one more stop to see my dad and half sister.  This was pretty exciting for my dad because this was the first time he's seen Kash.  We met in Murray, went to Chuck-o-Rama and my dad gave him a duck call, does that paint a good picture for you? ha  

Meeting in Murray and at that particular restaurant made me miss my grandma so much.  Since I can remember she's taken me to Chuck-o-Rama.  There my grandpa would pile on the food and my grandma would mostly get vegetables. Over the years my grandpa helped me perfect the best soft-serve ice cream concoction you've ever see.  Then after they would take me to the Fashion Place Mall and they usually bought me a little Hello Kitty toy at that one store at the end of the mall.  I wish Muttie could have been there that day to meet Kash, she would have LOVED him...and I would have loved watching him with her!
Don't mind the sun spots or Kash's crabster face!

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Bryan + Juli said...

Oh no pics with the duck call?! hahaha