Monday, June 27, 2011

you'll always be my baby

(cue Mariah Carey song...just kidding that would be creepy to apply to my child because it's more a song about your significant other)

I have a million other things I should post starting with Memorial Day and going through this last weekend, but tonight this is what's on my mind.

The last few nights Kash has been waking up a few hours after he goes to bed.  Which is unusual for our all star sleeper.  He goes to bed at 8:00pm like clock work every night and we usually never hear a peep from him until around 6:30am (I will always brag about how awesome Kash is about taking naps/going to bed, it amazes me every night that it's that easy!).  But lately, like I said, he's been waking up a few hours after he's asleep.  I blame this on the last few teeth that are breaking their way through.
Sunday nap

The thing is I've kinda loved the last few nights.  I love that I can rock him back to sleep and witness his dark eyelashes rest on his cheeks.  You see while Kash is great about going to sleep, he hasn't fell asleep in my arms since he was probably 4 months old.

I'm totally selfish and take a few extra minutes to rock him before I put him back in his crib.  I think about how big he is and that he probably looks a little silly with his legs hanging off my lap.  I think about how with my next child I will try and slow down time somehow.  I think about how with my next baby (my little girl of course) I won't rush for her to reach the next milestone, I will enjoy the stage she is in.

I love these tender moments of just Kash and I rocking in his room, and him holding still long enough for me to snuggle him.

Here's to the last few teeth before the 2 year old molars come in.  Here's to my Kash still being my baby!

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Anonymous said...

I love how Kash sleeps with Mickey Mouse! FYI: During a FB conversation I sent my friend to my blog to read a post I did about "RENT" and instead of commenting about the post she wrote about how much she liked the design of my blog!!!!! It is only a matter of time before the orders come rolling may have to quit you day job to keep up with the demand!!!!