Wednesday, January 4, 2012

oh target

I interrupt what will be a long string a Christmas posts to bring you some amazing Target finds.  The other day Karen and I were walking around Target when out of the corner of my eye I saw mustard yellow home decor.  I know many (including Ms. Karen Turnbow) think mustard yellow is sick, but it's somehow my favorite color and  I seem to incorporate it in my life as much as possible.  So when I saw this aisle of adorable home decor I dragged Karen down it.

First thing that stole my heart was this pair of mustard lamps:

I would love this pair for our living room.  We currently don't have any lighting in this room and I've been searching for the perfect lamps.  Unfortunately at $50 a piece I might just buy some cheap ones and spray paint them.

Then I saw this lampshade and thought it would go perfectly in our bedroom on our night stands (on top of a lamp of course): 
 At 20 bucks a pop this one is more manageable.

And then this is the part that my sweet sister-in-law thought I had lost my mind.
All of these items were sitting  on the shelf and I quickly threw them together and started screaming, "How cute would this be for a little girl's nursery!!!"  Karen reminded me I wasn't pregnant and who knew if I would have a girl next.  Her comments weren't registering and I seriously (and maybe still) contemplated buying this combo and saving it for the day I have a little girl.  Luckily I left my wallet at home so that's as far as the crazy went.  And since these pictures were all taken on my iTouch the colors aren't coming out as pretty, but I promise this combo is sweet in real life!

They also have these adorable pillows right now:
Cute right?  I couldn't believe all the awesome finds in just one aisle!  Unfortunately, these are just seasonal items and I'm sure they will go quickly.  But if nothing else I've been inspired!  You've really out done yourself this time Target! 


Phaedra said...

Whenever I see this color of yellow I think of you! It is your signature color :)

Karen said...

HA! I love this post! Mostly I love that you went back and took picture of it all! :) That was a fun trip to target. We should do that more often! ha ha I agree with Phaedra, I always think of you when I see that color!! Love you!

Amanda said...

I think that they would look cute in a girl nursery. There are so many things that are baby girly that don't grow up to be cute middle school or even teenager girly. Those would grow with a girl. I love them!

SassAFrass said...

I am liking gold thrown into things for girls. That and sparkles ;) said...

I would love to feature your sons nursery on Design Dazzle. Please contact me!
Thank you.