Wednesday, March 27, 2013

nixon 6 months

Happy half birthday Nixon!

Oh Nix, it's so fun to watch you grow and develop each month. I feel like you understand so much more than last month.  For example when I ask you if you want to eat you start to get excited.  When I ask for a hug, you will lean in and rest your sweet little head on my shoulder (and my heart melts).  You are also starting to mimic certain sounds. Smart little baby.

Here's a video of me trying to get him to hoot like an owl.  I know I'm super annoying and he doesn't actually make the noise till the end where my camera's battery dies and cuts him off.  So basically this video is pointless other than to show you how cute Nixon is. 

Movie 0001 from Erica Turnbow on Vimeo.

You have started to move all over the floor.  You aren't crawling yet, but you are scooting backwards and roll all over.  You are also sitting up by yourself.  You still need to be supervised because you're not completely sturdy on your own. I'm realizing how much our house is not baby proofed, I guess it's time to get on that.

You started rice cereal and orange baby foods this month.  You love both, and I can tell you've put on some weight since starting the solids.  Which is fine because I still don't feel like you eat a ton from me, but you are clearly growing and getting the nutrients you need.

I'd say you are about 50% over your stranger anxiety.  Meaning half the time you are fine if other people hold you and the other half you are still making that ridiculous crying face and producing actual tears.  I have to laugh every time you make your sad face because I never see it unless other people are holding you and it's so dramatic.

You love when dad comes home from work.  You awkwardly stare at him until he talks to you and then you laugh at everything he does and says.  I keep reminding you that you are a momma's boy but I think as soon as you can run and play you will be by dad's side like your brother.  Oh well, at least I get the sweet baby stage. :)

One of my favorite things about you is the way you look at me.  While sitting in my lap you randomly look up at me with your big blue eyes to check in and say hi.  To me your eyes and facial expressions make you seem a lot older than you are, it's as if you totally get what everyone is saying and you can't wait to join in on the convo.

Only 6 more months of baby days.  I'm holding on to

I love you Nixon!

6 month stats:
height: 27 in. (50-75%)
weight: 17 lbs (50%)
head: 44 in. (50-75%)


centauri said...

Such a cute sweet baby. Hope to see you this summer.
Aunty Mary

Just Julie said...

So smiley in all his pics!

SassAFrass said...

Sometimes I can't handle how dang cute he is. Seriously. Make more babies! :) Love you E