Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!!!

I've always loved Valentine's's such a girlie holiday with pinks, hearts, lace and love!!! While it's not my favorite holiday I always get excited when it comes around. Now there are some out there who hate this day or who fear being alone without a date on Februray 14th. Just be glad there's extra candy floating around the office, school or house...and let celebrate everyone you love this day!
In all the excitement of this holiday I went on a baking spree and I'm really thinking it was not worth it at this point ha. I made three different little treats to take around to my family and to work (even though I don't know why because most of my co-workers I don't even like ha). Nothing really turned out like they were supposed to except the chocolates, lets just hope they taste good.
But anyway I hope you all have a little extra love in your heart this winter day!


blaine said...

Dang! I hope I get to try some of those treats!

Chana & Fred said...

If you want you could mail me some...they look yummy!

The Frandsens said...

Happy Valentine's Day Erica!
I wish we were there to get some of those cookies...I bet Jason is wishing I would have made us some!

emilyhutchison said...

These are adorable you little Relief Society President trying to win over your co-workers with baked goods.

Blaine & Erica said...

Don't say that Emily it might actually come true. Anyway you know you are more of a domestic dica than I am!!