Friday, April 11, 2008

For the record

I'm not very good at turning a myth about my religion into a missionary experience. I work at a very liberal place with very out spoken people! I'm sure all of you have recently heard about the polygamists in Texas. Well people at my work sure have and have said things like:
  • looks like they got your people in Texas! Good!
  • do they do those kinds of things in the temple here?
  • does your husband have more than one wife

That turns into more discussions like...

  • why do you always put your family first
  • you go to church for how long?
  • i heard about that funny underwear you have
  • you don't do anything on Sunday? That's ridiculous!

I try and explain things, but I just feel all alone in this effort. I know I should find these questions to be great intros into sharing the gospel, I try I'm just not good at it and at the end of most days I feel defeated. It's really hard to move from Utah to Colorado and sometimes I feel like I'm the only Mormon here. Today I came across a blog, someone I don't even know, but I was glad to read that maybe in her little world she feels the same as I do.


Madsens said...

really, all you have to do is clear it up by saying you are a "mormon" and they are NOT "mormon"...they are fundamentalists - BIG difference :) I admire your strength - just be strong in your faith and you will blessed with the things that you need to say :)

The Lott Family said...

Yay you have a blog!!

Jackie said...

ERICA!! YAY! I miss you! Don't worry about work. You just do your best and they will see the type of person you are. Everyone here in Utah is just so happy that none of it is happening in Utah, we are happy its out of state!! YAY for blogging! We need to get juli on this train! I miss ya and I hope you have a great week!

Madsens said...

Erica - remember that calendar that you made for your mom? Can you tell me the store you got it from?? I am coming to Denver for a cubs/rockies game next week and want to buy a couple of those kits...