Friday, April 11, 2008

Guess who I met today?!?!

Just this awesome little baby boy!

Yup, that's right Rachel and Tyler are officially parents as of yesterday night! Kittridge "Kitt" James was 6 lbs. 15.3 oz, 19" long and with an awesome head of hair! Seriously he has so much blonde hair, usually if newborns have a lot of hair it's dark. Not our little Kitt his is super thick and blonde and so cute. I just went to see him on my lunch break and let me tell you...he's simply amazing!!! And so tiny and wrapped up so tight, his dad described him perfectly..."he's just a little Chipotle burrito!" and he really isn't much bigger than one! Dang, if that cute little thing doesn't make a girl baby hungry I don't know what could! Rachel and baby are doing great!
Just born!

Proud dad!

(More pictures to come! These are courtesy of proud Grandpa Turnbow right after Kitt was born.)

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The Frandsens said...

You try convinving Jason to move is never going to happen! I can't believe all that hair- I'll bet he is even cuter in real life than in just the pictures.
p.s. Jocelyn loves you...she just doesn't see you very much...she really was just laughing because she got poop all over me and her!