Tuesday, April 1, 2008

it's the little things in life...

Yesterday I had to go back to the dentist because unfortunately I have dry socket. I was running a little late (as usual) and was happy to see a close and wide parking spot available. The spot happened to be extra wide because a tiny Chevy Aveo was in the adjacent spot.
I noticed this car because it seemed quite small and almost like a clown car. The next thing I noticed made my day. The owner put a freakin Club on his car. Yes just like this one!

Who knew you could even buy these things anymore?!?! What would have been even better is if I could have seen the proud Aveo owner get in his car and unlock The Club! hahah oh man. Despite major mouth pain this put a smile on my face! The Club on crapy cars will forever make me laugh!


blaine said...

You're getting a club for your birthday this year!

Krista & Eric said...

That would have been SO funny to see!

Other then your mouth pain how are you doing????