Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Beijing world, one dream

[hey it's their slogan not mine!]
I almost forgot the summer Olympics were this summer. I can't believe I haven't been getting more excited for this monumental event! I think only a select few know how much I love the Olympics, and this could be because they only come around every four years (well I guess technically every two years).
Of course Salt Lake City 2002 was by far my favorite, but I may be a little bias on that one. Followed up closely by Atlanta 1996, who didn't love USA gymnastics "Magnificent Seven"! The inspiring Kerri Strug sticking her landing on an injured ankle, the most decorated American gymnast, Shannon Miller, doing perfect back flip after back flip or what about Dominique Dawes dancing around like it was nobodies business. Oh man I wanted so badly to be a gymnast that summer. My Aunt Stephanie was pregnant with Skylee that summer, and we would just sit in the air conditioned house [she was 9 months prego] and watch the Olympics for hours [in between rounds of Donkey Kong of course].
Summer of 2004, my college roommates and I had just moved into a new house and we didn't have the cable set up yet. I was dying knowing the Olympics were on and I wasn't watching!!! Luckily we had a neighbor right across the street that had the same obsession, he would watch the Olympics none stop. And also to my luck he had a HUGE big screen TV. I would just sit at our living room window and watch through his. It was at that moment I'm sure that Juli questioned if I was a wise choice as a roommate.

I love the Olympics! I love how patriotic I feel watching them. I love how united I feel with the entire country knowing we are all rooting for the same team. I love the opening ceremonies, although drawn out and kind of dry at times I can't stop watching as each country holds their flag high and proud as they march into the arena.

So come August 8th I'm busy!



emilyhutchison said...

AWESOME. I love that you love the Olympics. I also loved that gymnastics team. I always thought I was destined for great things on the mat or bars because of my tiny size, pipe dreams. I was never going to be Kerri Strug. And on the bright side that did mean I'd never have to get her hair cut either.

Anonymous said...

Hey Erica, thanks for your comment! I'm glad you found me! :) But I'm actually moving back to Idaho this weekend, Chris and I are getting divorced so I'm moving back with my mom and dad. but if you're ever around there let me know! :)