Thursday, August 21, 2008

best two years

No, I'm not talking about my mission (because I haven't served one) I'm talking about my marriage, duh! Our second anniversary was this week, yea for us! Blaine and I love each other. It's awesome being married. We have fun together. So yeah, happy anniversary to us!


Karen said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY... Late! haha What did you guys do? Anything fun? p.s. i love the new pictures you have on the side of your blog! :-)

kcjaques said...

Don't we have the same anniversary date? Well anyways I hope you guys enjoyed your day and did something fun, or are planning a fun little getaway this weekend!

Saydi said...

Oh i just have so many new comment to say.
A) Love the new side prof. pic. That is def the Erica I know and love and miss.
B) I belive it was me who took this dating picture of you and Blaine so cudos to me.(maybe you should have mentioned that. Come Erica you know i don't have anything else.)
C)Emily H and I were discussing how you and Beez HATED what we did to your car the night of your marriage. Has he forgiven us for what we did to Sparky yet?
Congrats on your "mission" E!

Marques said...

Happy Anniversary...Brooke and I celebrated our 1st a few weeks ago.

t and e said...

Happy Anniversary! I know I'm late but I am just getting back to the blogging world. yeah and about the bra, yep I have always hated that. the girls i used to work with did that and i thought it was just disgusting, i wondered what was so great about it so i tried it and it was uncomfortable and my phone just stuck out so it looked incredibly stupid. don't know where they actually put it in there!