Wednesday, November 26, 2008

i finally saw it

please don't judge me! I had to...I was obsessed with the books (I’ve never read so fast in my entire life) and I couldn't stand everyone in the whole world talking about it anymore.

yes, I saw THE movie last night with this girl. we pretty much laughed for the first hour of the movie, at times that weren't meant to be funny--does Catherine Hardwicke really think that's how teenagers act (i.e.-Bella’s extremely exaggerated high school peers) or was that more Stephanie Meyers envision? I mean it's not like I had huge expectations of the movie, but still! Either way it was entertaining.
PS-did anyone see the trailer for the new Potter???!? Oooooo now there's something to get excited about!


Jason and Joy said...

Aww dang...I still haven't seen it and everyone else has! I need a babysitter!! I have heard so many different things about it - I can't decide if I am going to like it or not. Where the characters how you imagined them in the book? (I'm guessing probably not...movies from books are never how I imagine them....even from the trailer...that is NOT how I pictured Edward.)

Saydi said...

I love that you finally saw it and that you called me after to discuss all the dissapointments and awesome things so we could pass our judgements!
PS Totally got excited when i saw the new Potter preview.. and was dissapointed when no one else got as giddy as me. I am glad we are friends

Karen said...

HA I am so glad we went! love you eggs!!