Friday, January 2, 2009


The holidays are officially over and I want them back. They went by way too fast and they have also taken half of our family with them. It was great to have all of Blaine's family in town this past week. It gets more exciting every year as his side of the family continues to grow.

We managed to sneak in some sass even though we ALL had the stomach flu during the holidays

So now here we are, 2009. I know this is supposed to be the year of "change" (I'm so sick of that saying) and everyone hated 2008...but really I'm kind of sad to see it go. When I step back and review the last year, Blaine and I were truly blessed. Although life did not go as we had planned, at all in many aspects, 2008 turned out pretty good.

Now I'm not one for new year's resolutions, I mean my life needs improving in all areas, I just think new year's resolutions are weird. But don't think I forgot about this goal I made in 2008. I'm working on it. I've designed a few things here and there, and made my in-law's Christmas cards they send to everyone, but without actual design software that goal is on hold. And with more important things to save for it's definitely on hold. So what does 2009 hold for the Turnbow's??? Good things I'm sure! We really are happy and live a good life. What about you? What does 2009 hold for you?


Jason and Joy said...

Hopefully 2009 means us coming to see you again several times and maybe another Utah trip for you guys!? Hopefully it will not include igniting my anxiety anymore! HA HA
Love and miss you!

Karen said...

EGGS! I miss you guys. I wish we were not sick the whole time! 2009 will be a great year!! I just know it. :) I hope i will get to see you soon! Love you and miss you

The Hill Fivesome said...

Blaine and you are so cute. I love to read your blog. I miss talking with you all the time. Santa brought us a wii for christmas and brendon won a play station 3 at work. You and blaine should come over one night and play games with us all night. Love ya. Em