Monday, March 16, 2009

here's the's chocolate cake!

I've been doing pretty good with Lent, and by pretty good I mean I haven't had any treats. Not one. I don't even lick Blaine's spoon after he eats my favorite/the best peach ice cream ever(which he seems to eat like every night, right in front of me)!

Yes, I've been tempted with the abundance of Easter candy down the isles of King Soopers, candy at work and finding chocolate Twizzlers at Wal-Mart (I actually bought the licorice and it's sitting on the top shelf of my cupboard until Easter morning). But I don't think I've had any temptation like what I will experience tonight. You see I'm making this for my friend's birthday at work tomorrow.side note: I made one birthday treat last year for one person and all the sudden I'm dubbed the birthday treat maker forever!?!?! People even come up to me a few days before their bday putting in special requests! Sheesh!

I won't get to lick the bowl, or my fingers after unwrapping each Reese's cup, I'll smell it baking in my house and I won't get to taste the end results. All day I've been seriously contemplating if this whole Lent thing is really worth it. I mean really??!?! I actually haven't ruled out the idea yet of giving it all up for a huge slice of this cake paired with a tall glass of milk.

This is gonna be tough!


Brooke said...

This cake is making me drool. We are halfway there though... right?

Bryan + Juli said...

You're Mormon you don't have to do lent you sacrifice stuff all the time i.e. tank tops and three hours every Sunday! EAT THE CAKE!