Saturday, April 4, 2009

Jazz vs. Nuggets

Of course my hair fell in my face right as the picture was being taken. But I wasn't about to ask the crabby security guard for a retake!

There once was a boy who was obsessed with the Denver Nuggets. And there was a girl who had an undying love for the Utah Jazz (even at such places as the United Center and Pepsi Center). All though their preferences in basketball were clearly different they defied the odds and got married! But from that day forward their house would be a battle ground anytime the Jazz played the Nuggets.

On Thursday my mom surprised Blaine with an earlier birthday present...two awesome tickets to the Jazz vs. Nuggets game! While the game was super fun, I'm going to stick to watching the Jazz either at home or in Utah. The Nuggets fans were brutal. I mean, I expected it and had tons of fun. But at one point the whole arena started chanting UTAH SUCKS and I had to get up and represent the UT by pointing to my Jazz shirt. Sadly that Jazz didn't even win!!! :(

I guess Blaine and I are even now. A few years ago we went to a Jazz/Nuggs game in Utah and he too was heckled by the fans. (Denver fans were worse though!)

Thanks mom for a great night, and giving Blaine a birthday gift I could enjoy too!
The Nuggets participated in NBA's Green Week 2009 by wearing green jersey's. We thought that was cool.


Jason and Joy said...

AWESOME!!!! I LOVE nuggets games! (yea sorry - I'm a nuggets fan too!) Looks like an really fun game!

Karen said...

That is SOOOO fun!! I am going to a Jazz game on the 13th! WOO! But I, along with my siblings, am a nuggets fan! :) I was glad when the won! I miss you and will see you soon! Love you guys!

Bryan + Juli said...

Oh I sure love you Turnbows and your obsession with basketball!!!