Friday, November 6, 2009

happy birthday juli

Dear Pooge,
Happy Birthday! I wish you were here so the Turnbow's could show you a good time on your big day (and yes we still know how to have a good time even though we are crippled and knocked up)! Or I wish we were all in Logan so we could do our traditional girls birthday dinner, stay at the restaurant for hours after our meal was done laughing the night away. To be followed maybe by a Slurpee run to visit our favorite Sev guy, Steven, and then cruise Main in Scratchy. Then maybe we could go home and get in a few more hours of laughs in until I got grumpy/tired and decided that it was time for bed. Which would really mean we could go to our separate rooms and chat online (to each other) for a few more hours!

I miss you so much
and feel ever so blessed to have you as a best friend after all of these years. If you were here today with me I would totally make you something like this (but it would be a really moist not so cakey cake)!I hope you have an awesome birthday! And sorry to break it you, you're in our "old" club now! :)

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Bryan + Juli said...

Awww don't worry your post is making me weepy... thought that was the right thing to say now that I'm in the "old club" and all! haha I love remembering all of the fun times we've had with birthdays over the years! (All of the dinners, piling in my bed to watch Love Actually,Jack Johnson concert oh the list could go on...) Most of all I love how we were all in Utah so far from our families that we became our own little family complete with traditions!!! No doubt some of my best birthdays were in Logan with my very best girlfriends!!