Monday, June 21, 2010

summer equals watermelon and road trips

I have an addiction.  I brought a bowl of watermelon to work to snack on through out the day, well I have no self control when it comes to watermelon and it was all gone by 10:00am...woops!

On a different note we are heading to Utah this week for one of my best friend's wedding.  It will be fun to see Sayward tie the knot, show Kash around our old stomping grounds (his first trip to the UT), see our Dewey's again and eat at all the local restaurants in Logan!  Blaine and I have so many places we want to eat at while we're there that instead of bringing home souvenirs we'll probably just bring home a few extra lbs!

PS-watch for Kash's 5 month post this week...big things happened last month!


Jason and Joy said...

I think Jocelyn shares your same addiction, she can't get enough watermelon!
Yea for Sayward! Tell her Congrats from me! Have a FUN FUN trip!

Andrea said...

Have fun! I'm jealous you get to go back to Logan, I miss it so much. I would love to hit up all of our favorite restaurants too. On our list would be: Blue Bird, Cafe Sabor, Juniper Take Out, and Cafe Rio (although we have one here now).

Karen said...

AND Kash gets to see his Favorite aunt in Logan Utah! :) I ALSO love watermelon... I did the same thing today!! I cant wait to see you soon! I love you!