Sunday, January 2, 2011

Kash 11 months

(while this post is very late the pictures were taken on time) 

Hey Bubs,

Where to start.  I feel like you are an unofficial toddler this month.  The books say that happens at 12 months but I think you are already there my friend.

For one you toddle all around the house.  And by toddle I mean you walk all around the furniture, you stand on your own, and every once in awhile you muster up enough guts to try and take a step but it always results in a fall.  You are on your way to walking for sure though.  I even think you prefer to walk around the perimeter of things verses crawling if you have the option.

I think the fact that you are refusing baby food also makes you a toddler.  In fact you are getting stubborn like a toddler in that you won't let us feed you anymore, you insist on doing it yourself!!  Which means you get about half of your dinner actually in your mouth and then you get bored and you are done.  Sometimes you refuse to eat all together...I never thought the world's largest baby would refuse food, but you do!  This new found independence has taught dad and I say the least.

You have perfected the art of waving.  What started out looking like Hitler's solute has now turned into a vigorous arm waving around at anyone who will say hi.  Your favorite is waving at church.  You just wave your little arm like crazy when we walk into sacrament meeting.  Which is actually nice because people now think it's cute when we are 10 minutes late to church every Sunday.

You love music and love to dance. Any time a commercial with a song comes on you stop whatever you are doing, crawl to the TV and bounce up and down (your interpretation of dancing). I think you've really appreciated all of the holiday jingles on commercials this past month.  You also think it's fun to dance to the hymns at church.  While this is obviously inappropriate, it's quite adorable so we let you do it.

Our favorite trick you do though is when you "close your eyes"! You think it's so funny to close your eyes, this is probably because we laugh so hard every time you do it.  And by closing your eyes I mean you squint while still peaking out to make sure someone is laughing at you. (it's hilarious, see video below for proof)

You can fold your arms now when we say prayers.  And grandpa Turnbow has taught you how to go up and down stairs.  It's a good thing he taught you because I'm pretty sure it terrifies your dad and I and we never would have been brave enough to teach you this one.

Your sass level has also gone up a notch.  If you don't get your way you throw a fit. And sometimes you jabber like you are bossing people around.  Your dad says your sass is genetic and that you can't help it...very funny dad!

But you are still the sweetest little boy I know.  You randomly give us kisses and hugs.  You love to snuggle with me as I rock you for a few minutes before bed, this is my favorite part of the day.  And in general you still have a happy, sweet disposition.
You are growing way too fast my little boy.  I can't believe you will be one in just a few weeks.  You are no longer my baby which makes me cry every time I think about it.  But I have a feeling you will always be my baby no matter how old you are.  I know I say it every month but you are the light of my life.  Despite the fact that your new curiosity, tantrums and sass wears on me from time to time I still can't believe how much love I have for you.  And while it's also hard watching you grow up it's so fun to watch your little personality shine, watch you learn new things and look at the world through you innocent eyes.

We love you so much Kash!
Mom & Dad
Here's a little clip of Kash's tricks and sass!  


SassAFrass said...

Oh My Gosh-That was awesome! I feel like it could be FHV worthy of funny ness . He is quite the character now!! Gotta love those awesome tricks he comes up with just to get a laugh out of his "audience"
Can't wait to see him again in like a month! Holla!

Karen said...

I love these posts! I especially love the video on this one! Kash is such a little character! Love him! And love you guys! See you soon!