Wednesday, October 26, 2011

wildcat mountain 10 mile run

One of the things I love about Blaine (and also hate because I wish I was more like this) is that when he puts his mind to something he does it, no matter what.  And so it was with this running bug that he's caught.  Blaine told one of our friends, a pretty avid runner, that he wanted to run a marathon just to see if he could do it without training for it.  His friend thought he was crazy and talked him into running in a shorter race with some training.  

So that's what Blaine did, he signed up for the Wildcat Mountain 10 Mile Run.  He started training and running almost every night...6 miles here, 8 miles there.  I was so impressed. He would run almost every night after Kash was asleep no matter how tired he was, how cold it was or what kind of day he had he made sure that if he said he would run he would.  This is where Blaine and I differ greatly.  Never ever do I feel like I NEED to do something that isn't necessary, not saying this is a good thing but it's the way I am and that's why I admire Blaine's determination to do many things.

Anyway, the week of the race was perfect weather and we were sure that race day would be no exception.  Well we were wrong.  We woke up to rain and almost freezing temps.  Blaine rode up with our friends that we also participating in the run and Kash and I were going to meet him up there.  As we drove closer and closer to where the finish line was the rain turned into sleet which turned into snow.  They should have changed the name of the race to Polar Bear Run because it was freezing.  I felt so bad that he was running in freezing weather!
Finished!  Note the battle wound from the crappy running conditions. 
Blaine did an awesome job finishing 3rd for his age group and 4th overall.  This was his first race, in freezing conditions and he did awesome!!!  I'm so proud of him and I'm sure this won't be his last race!

These are our friends the Rowans.  Don't worry he finished 1st overall and she was the 1st woman to finish.  Yeah they are crazy good at running.  I just sat in the car and ate snacks with Kash while these fools were burning millions of calories haha. 

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