Friday, July 13, 2012

another year older...

Today is my birthday.  Happy birthday to me!  This year feels different.  The past few years it's just been another day/birthday.  But with all the disappointing things that have happened this summer and feeling a little down about all of our failed plans I'm determined to be as excited about this day as the 13 year old version of myself would be.

In doing so I've given Blaine a list of exactly what gifts I want, where I want to eat and on what days all of the activities should take place.  Normally (probably since we've been married) I don't usually care about the gifts, meals, etc. all that much but channeling my inner child has somehow justified my demanding birthday behavior.

So here's to pretending I'm a little girl again and that this day is the best day of the year...second to the 4th of July of course! I'm grateful Blaine hasn't even questioned my actions and is just going along with it all.  I got a good one!

Here are a few visuals to help you realize how awesome my childhood birthdays were.
1st birthday
3rd birthday.  Rockin' the mullet and the biggest knife you've ever seen a 3 year old possess. 

awkward 12th birthday with friends
For whatever reason I made my own cake that year. raspberry frosting with kiwis????  At least my sweet cake matches my sweet bangs. 


blaine said...

Let's bring the mullet back!! Happy birthday Eggso!!

SassAFrass said...

This is awesome! I so loved this way back play back birthday tribute.

Shelley Jolley said...

that's not a mullet Erica. That was a really cute haircut