Friday, August 17, 2012

36 weeks

If there's anything good to come out of having an 11 lbs. baby it's that with your next one the doctors are willing to monitor you more and do what they can to make sure you won't have another giant baby.  

We went in for our 36 week check up this week and had an ultra sound as well to see how big this baby was already.  He's measuring in at 6 lbs. 13 oz. (don't ask me how they get the exact weight) with four more weeks to go.  Since the average baby only gains a half a pound each week the doctor is willing to take me only a week early.  So obviously he's on the big side but I still don't think he's as big as Kash was.  It would be interesting to know how much Kash weighed at 36 weeks, but my idiot doctors refused to do an ultra sound that late in the game.

So, unless this baby comes on his own my doctor will probably induce me on September 6th and we are shooting for a "small" 8-9 lbs. baby.  My doctor laughed when my response to that weight was, "perfect!".  She said she guesses it's all relative but most patients think that's pretty big.  I do too, but it sounds better than an 11-12 pounder!

I think if I really tried though I could get this baby to come on his own, but I've been taking it real easy the last week to try and prevent that from happening.  I have contractions and pains all the time, I'm dilated to a one and 50% effaced already (I never felt any pain until after my due date with Kash).  But I'm not ready yet!!!  It's funny looking back at last time I was very ready for the baby to come.  Right now though, the nursery isn't done, my bags aren't packed, I haven't even gotten the car seat out of storage and mentally I need a few more weeks to prepare myself to be a mother of two!!!
Don't get me wrong, seeing this little face on the ultra sound monitor made me fall in love and very ready to hold my baby...just not quite yet. I think I still need a little more one on one time with Kash as well.  He's been acting out a bit more than usual and I want to find time in the next few weeks where I don't have any projects, work or church things to do where I can dedicate some quality one on one time with him.  I want him to feel special too during all this baby chaos.  

But we are definitely getting close and it's crazy/scary to think about checking into the hospital again, going through labor and then bringing our sweet baby home.  Our whole lives will change again.  And just like the first time I know we'll adapt, change and look back and think how we lived without this sweet little spirit in our home! 


Amanda said...

You look beautiful Erica! I am so glad that your doctor is keeping an eye on this baby. Good luck with getting everything ready for this little guy to come and join your wonderful family.

Daniel, Sara and Baby said...

You look amazing! I stumbled on your blog and LOVE it!! You are a very good story teller, and your little man is too cute. :) Good luck with these last few weeks of your journey.

erica said...

Thanks Sara, you are sweet! And best of luck to you and your new baby on the way!! :)

A Whit said...

Oh my word, Erica. You look fantastic! You're almost there and whoo hoo for "smaller" babies!

By the way, when you go shopping will you just buy two of everything and I'll pay you? You always look so cute! Whether you're pregnant, not pregnant, have great style.