Tuesday, August 7, 2012

potty training

I asked Kash to stand tall.  So he climbed on the toilet and gave me this pose haha.  I suppose this celebratory pose is appropriate for this post. 

As a new mom you never know when the "right" time to do things are.  I mean sure you'll get lots of free (wanted or unwanted) advice and the books, internet and your neighbor will all tell you what the perfect time is but it's hard to know what's best for your child and your family.  

So it was when the topic of potty training came up in our house.  I felt like Kash was ready, some books, blogs and friends told me he could possibly be ready.  But sadly the first go around, he wasn't or I wasn't...who knows!  I think he was about 21 months old when he started recognizing going in his diaper and talking about the toilet and going in there.  Seemed like good signs to me.  I took a week off work, bought the training underpants, the best potty seats, read all the potty training tips I could and prepared to lock myself in the house for the next 7 days until my kid peed in the toilet.  At first things were great.  Sure, he had his accidents but the first few days things looked promising.  But as the week progressed Kash regressed.  He seemed to have no interest in it at all by the end of the week, everything I would say to him would go through one ear and out the other.  It was probably the most frustrating situation I've ever had with him thus far.  

Since I was still working I sent him back to grandma's letting her know our success rate and hoped that it would get better over time.  But it didn't, things got worse and between the pressures of working, the holidays, feeling guilty that Blaine's mom had to deal with all of this and trying to decide when I would quit my job it was all too much. I just knew that Kash wasn't really ready and this wasn't the "right" time. 

We took a break.  I felt pretty defeated as a parent.  I cried.  I swore I would stick with it until it worked and wouldn't be one of those parents to put him back in diapers after trying underwear, but I knew that's what was best for Kash and we weren't getting anywhere.  But we didn't give up completely.  Kash was very aware of when he needed to go poop and I was a stickler on him no longer going in his diaper.  This took lots of bribing--stickers, candy, charts, prizes, etc. (Matchbox cars finally did the trick). That was one step backwards I wasn't willing to take.  After many battles Kash finally got the hang of it. 

About a month after Kash's 2nd birthday Blaine was joking around with him one night and asked Kash if he wanted to wear his Cars underwear.  Expecting a profound NOOOOO, per the usual, we were both shocked when Kash answered, YEAH!  What???  He can't be serious!  Because even though we were taking a break from the whole "training" we were still talking about it and got a pretty negative response from Kash every time we mentioned anything about it.  But we ran with the enthusiastic response he gave Blaine  and put that kid in underwear the next day.  And you know what...that little stinker angel didn't have an accident!  He told me when he had to go #1 and #2.  I was now at home and didn't feel the pressure of a deadline in order to get him potty trained, but there also wasn't any pressure because seriously Kash pretty much decided that night, with his dad, that he was going to wear underwear and wasn't looking back.  

I couldn't believe how easy it was the second time around.  Sure he would have an accident from time to time but it was a true accident where we just didn't make it to the bathroom in time, and those seriously were few and far between.  And he's been potty trained ever since.  I couldn't believe it, I still can't.  Now, almost 6 months later he's still doing great, amazing actually!  I'm so proud of him!!!!  Every one told me it would be hard with a boy and the first child...and it was, but I truly think that was my own fault.  Kash knew when he was ready, and when he was he did great without the pressure of it all.  I'm so proud of him, and so happy I don't have to change his diapers anymore! ha (yes I realize diaper changing is in my near future...but at least I have some time before this next baby is eating solids.  Oh TMI? Sorry.)

Oh parenthood, the most humbling thing I've ever done!

Officially potty trained at 25 months.
Photo taken at 2.5 years old. 

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SassAFrass said...

I am going to have to keep all of this in mind.I remember Amy potty training Ruger and it was so hard. Its been the same with Ryder. I will just have to be patient and wait for him to be ready and not when I want him to be ready. Already started getting potty training emails telling me to watch for signs and the idea just stress's me out so I am determined to just be cool about it. Way to go Kash!(and you)